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“I attended the WDS yesterday at Pine Hills in Sheboygan, and I wanted to personally tell you what a wonderful job you did in educating, engaging, and having fun with all who attended. It was truly one of the best interactive experiences I’ve had at a symposium or workshop in a long time!

My group was totally into your passion and delivery on DEIB and Equity Leadership Dispositions discussion, which really made us think on how we can make a difference. It was a wonderful way to jump start our respective journeys. 

Thanks again, have a great rest of your day and Workforce…DEVELOPMENT!”

Scott Kuehn
Director of Membership & Workforce Development

“Dr. Moutry is a highly knowledgeable professional who always first carefully listens then acts supportively to improve the situation.”

W. Alan Coulter, Ph. D.
Louisiana State Univ Health Sciences Center & Directions and Resources Group

“A team partner. Always willing to assist. Is there right beside us, follows through and leads with intentions to get the job done. Love you Dr. Moutry! You’re the best!”

Sue Savaglio-Jarvis

“Dr. Moutry is passionate about the work and brings years of successful facilitation and program development experience. She’s a great thought partner extremely capable of helping organizations drive real change from concept to creation and effective implementation. ”

Tonya Adair
Chief Impact Officer | United Way

“Being a white person Dr. Moutry has assisted me to open my eyes wider to the make sure ALL students are getting a great education.”

Bob Vitale
Principal | Menomonee Falls High School

“My team was able to increase company revenue and improve customer satisfaction scores. Team members held one another accountable for results. ”

Dr. Debbie Allen
President | DNA Network,  former
President | Nevada Corporation dba McDonald’s

“4AM Consulting does a fantastic job at equipping individuals and organizations with the tools needed to improve systems, engage in meaningful personal and professional development and delve into reflection processes that lead to goal refinement and attainment. ”

Shalanda Driver
School Improvement Coordinator | Milwaukee Public Schools

“In my professional development I have been able to depend on Dr. Moutry which allows me to focus on all of my department programs while she supports WULI.”

Keona Jones
Assistant State Superintendent, DPI

“Dr. Moutry is a sought after presenter who connects with audiences and delivers important content in a way that engages and relates to participants.”

Dawn Miller
Associate Director of Technical Assistance
SWIFT Education Center

Organization, leadership, facilitation, networking, convening are all strengths.

Heidi Moore
Director of Emerging Markets & Inclusion | Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin

Flexibility, Openess, and honesty around tough conversations with a diverse group of school and district administrators. Dr. Moutry does a great job with her colleagues to support and push participants through discomfort to further learning and understanding.

Doug Janssen
Associate Principal | Green Bay Area Public Schools