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Transformational Coaching and Team Development

4AM Consulting is for you! We help make the ideas and goals you form in the middle of the night a reality through transformational coaching and team development.

We understand that the transformation you seek lives inside of you. Our five-step process guides individuals and teams who desire personal and professional growth toward lasting change. Our coaching sessions are supportive and non-evaluative. We act as your accountability partner to take your development to the next level. We empower teams to use each member’s strengths and come together to operate at maximum capacity. 

“Dr. Moutry has a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience in education. She has the ability to simplify complex topics and issues into workable chunks to get us to the end goal. ”

Latoya Holiday
Special Assistant to the State Superintendent, WI Dept. of Public Instruction

Honest Assessment

The journey begins with an objective assessment of individuals and the full team. Our evaluation includes pre-conferencing calls, on-site visits, targeted surveys, focus groups, and data analysis. The assessment identifies the unique gifts of every team member and the entire team. Our independent review collects information that forms a clear and honest picture of the team, its strengths, and growth areas.

Action Plans

We partner with teams and individuals to develop an action plan based on growth areas identified in the assessment phase. The plan includes straight forward, strategic, and achievable steps. We based the entire plan on SMART goals, meaning every goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based. We help teams grow and work together through focus groups, training sessions, and customized work groups.  

Guided Focus

We check in regularly to reflect on progress and fine-tune focus. These check-ins celebrate progress and make mid-course corrections to lead individuals and teams toward identified goals. We guide transformation with our expertise in data analysis, teaming structures, family and community engagement, culturally responsive practices, visioning, K-12 educational needs, leadership development, collecting stakeholder input, and active listening.

Monitor Results

We work with teams and individuals to gauge results along the way and identify next courses of action. Our mid-course corrections refine goals and put teams on a journey toward constant improvement. Our programming comprises training, support, implementation, and regular monitoring to measure the results of every change and plan next steps. We guarantee results and progress by measuring setbacks and improvements on your journey.

Sustainable Change

Now it’s your time to shine. We energize teams and build their capacity to replicate steps after the consulting period ends. But should your team veer off track or need a refresher, we are here for you. We can continue to meet after the coaching period ends to guide your journey toward sustainable change. With an accountability partner in your corner, teams make lasting changes that keep the development of every member at the next level. 

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Take Your Development to the Next Level with Focus

Contact 4AM Consulting today!

Take Your Development to the Next Level with Focus

Contact 4AM Consulting today!